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Client Bill of Rights

We believe that:

  • Each Client is unique and has the right to be serviced in a manner that recognizes the person’s individuality including ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.

  • Each Client has the right to maintain relationships that are vital, live in a safe environment and receive assistance to maintain or increase their degree of independence.

  • The integral family unit should be maintained even in the face of illness.

  • Each Client has the right to courteous and respectful service, recognizing the Client’s dignity and privacy.

  • Each Client has the right to the basic elements of home health services, which are the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.

  • Each Client has the right to be informed of the procedures for initializing complaints about the service provided.

  • Each Client has the right to be included in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the care plan.

  • Each Client has the right to receive emotional support as well as expert physical care.

  • Each Client has the right to recommend changes that affect his/her care with respect to policies without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

  • When death is the expected outcome, the Client and the family have the right to be supported so that the Client can die with dignity and without the sense of isolation.

  • The Client has the right to receive safe, appropriate and timely service with freedom from mental, physical and financial exploitation.

  • Each Client has the right to be informed if they are living at risk.

  • Each Client has the right to mutual trust, respect for confidentiality and responsible communication.

  • Each Client has the right to be informed of the services provided and may give or refuse the provision of service.

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