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Disease Care

SeePlus Healthcare Services is a leading provider of staff for private-duty nursing, hospitals, long-term care disease care – We provide RN, RPN and PSW workers for in-home, retirement homes, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals or community agencies.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia Care

personal support worker helping a senior with dimentiaThe SeePlus Healthcare Services Dementia Care Program provides complete support to clients and families managing and coping with the daily challenges associated with dementia including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other variations of dementia. Our trained staff will provide dignified and respectful personal care and companionship with a focus on building relationships in a safe environment. In addition, this program provides an opportunity for caregiver relief, when necessary.

Dementia involves a progressive loss of cognitive functions. Over time, this can become overwhelming and frustrating for individuals and their families. Our personal support workers can provide the services needed to minimize the difficulties of dementia in your home or in a Health Care Facility. As loving care providers, SeePlus Healthcare Services staff always strives to maintain the self-esteem of people who struggle through the emotions that result from dementia.

Our Dementia Care Services include personal care, medication management, and housekeeping to assist clients and family members. Regular meals and medical services can also be provided as needed for long-term assistance. SeePlus Healthcare Services is your best choice in Dementia Care Services!

Emphysema (COPD) Care

emphysema and copd health care support What is COPD? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a group of lung diseases that worsen over time, especially in people who continue smoking – the leading cause of the disease. Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis are the two main conditions that make up the group of illnesses, and COPD is a leading cause of death and illness worldwide.

SeePlus Healthcare Services has extensive expertise in helping individuals and their families live with COPD. In addition to transitioning home after a hospital stay, we will also work with you, your physician and family to customize a program that’s perfectly suited to each individual who suffers from COPD.

SeePlus Healthcare Services provides medication reminders, personal assistance, grooming and hygiene, medication management as well as oxygen therapy at home or in a Health Care Facility. We will also assist with the daily activities of living with COPD, such as bathing and dressing and ensuring the home is free of factors that may worsen the condition, such as smoke or other airborne pollutants.

​If you or your loved one are suffering from COPD and require assistance to cope with the conditions and the challenges of daily living, contact SeePlus Healthcare Services today, and you’ll find we offer affordable solutions to help make your live more livable with COPD.

Congestive Heart Failure and Hypertension Care

nurse checking on man with Congestive heart failureHave you or your loved one been diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF)? Whether you have congestive heart failure (CHF) or Myocardial Infarction (also known as a heart attack), SeePlus Healthcare Services provides a wide range of support services to help make your life easier.

Living with the effects of congestive heart failure can be complicated. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers and PSW Caregivers will help keep things moving forward once the patient is back home.The right medications need to be taken at the right time in the right way. Blood values need to be properly monitored. There are medical and rehab appointments that the patient will need to attend.

SeePlus Healthcare Services can provide exactly the relief you need. We can provide overnight care, daytime care or part time coverage both at home or in a Health Care Facility. We also provide assistance to those who suffer from Hypertension or high blood pressure, which is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is higher than it should be.

Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life and reduce the chance that you’ll need to return to the hospital, and give you peace of mind.
Post-Operative Care. At SeePlus Healthcare Services our goal is to help you restore and maintain optimal physical function after surgery so you can live an active, independent lifestyle upon your release from the hospital.

Regardless of age or medical conditions, we believe everyone deserves to be as active as possible and to settle for nothing less than the best care by caring professionals who truly understand the needs of those who have recently undergone serious surgery and those who will require ongoing treatments to recover as best as they can. We offer complete Post-Operative Care, including transitional care, where we will begin assisting you before you’ve left the hospital, transportation services and follow-up care designed to suit your medical and therapeutic needs.

​Our Registered Nurses and Personal Support Workers take the time to design and provide a comprehensive, individualized home post-op plan while delivering comprehensive education so you can manage your condition outside of the hospital. The result is generally a faster return to work, hobbies and sports or to pain-free or unrestricted activities of daily living. Call us today to find out how SeePlus Healthcare Services can help you on the road to recovery!
Foot Care.

​SeePlus Healthcare Services understands the importance of foot health as part of the overall care program for individuals. The importance of foot health is vital in illnesses such as diabetes and vascular disease. Adequate foot care can help reduce the serious complications that often arise. Mobility can be enhanced through treatment of overgrown and ingrown nails that cause debilitating pain over time.

Problems with vision, strength, and flexibility, make foot care a challenge, and require skilled assistance over time. SeePlus Healthcare Services offers the following:

  • ​Daily assessment of the condition of the feet
  • Daily washing, using warm water and thorough drying
  • Regular toenail trimming, cleaning, and filing
  • Assessing footwear for optimal fit and performance
  • Treatment of ingrown toenails
  • Reduction of corns & calluses
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Foot skin care
  • Regular physical activity

SeePlus Healthcare Services offers committed care that addresses the fundamentals of effective foot maintenance.

Stroke Recovery Care

nursing foot care for a patient SeePlus Healthcare Services understands the severity of strokes and the impact they can have on individuals and their loved ones. Our stroke recovery care provides expert services that help individuals through the process of recovery. When a loved one suffers a stroke, the consequences can be devastating. Recovering from a stroke can be a long and challenging road for many people.Providing the right care for stroke recovery places significant levels of stress on loved ones. It can disrupt the lives of those around the person in need, requiring additional assistance to ensure a fast recovery.

SeePlus Healthcare Services provides Registered Nurses and Personal Support Workers who will aid in facilitating a recovery from a stroke which allows the patient to reach their maximum recovery potential. We will provide loving and compassionate care in your home or in a Healthcare Facility. We’re available 24 hours a day!

Cancer Care

palliative disease care, nurse comforting seniorSeePlus Healthcare Services offers Nurse Case Managers who are leaders in their field, with extensive experience within the cancer system in Canada. Our program consists of a group of trained Canadian Cancer Specialists, made up of Oncologists, support staff and Oncology Nurses, who work with clients to ensure they receive proper treatment in the right facilities and in a timely manner.

Our Personal Cancer Care Nurses support each of our clients and their families with individualized care programs that are perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. SeePlus Healthcare Services Registered Nurses follow the most up-to-date guidelines for cancer treatment and care, to ensure all of our clients receive the utmost best treatment available.

“The PSW sent to me by SeePlus Healthcare was very professional and exceeded my expectations on so many levels.
She went above and beyond her job description to help me.”

Joyce Williams

Burlington, Ontario

“My nurse is fabulous. She is the best. I didn’t trust nurses before…she really helps me a lot. Thanks to all the wonderful friendly and caring services she provides for me. She really cares about my well being!”

Michael Krandleson

Oakville, Ontario

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